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Sarajevo Halal Fair 2018

Sarajevo Halal Fair 2018 will be organised at Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and  Herzegovin  from September 27 to 29, 2018.  Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina invites Indian businessmen to participate in this fair and enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Sarajevo. Ms. Jelena Pasic, Acting Ambassador, Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina gave this information to media persons in the Embassy.

The Sarajevo Halal Fair (SHF) is an international halal industry exhibition that brings together representatives from all parts of the halal industry supply chain, including private companies, public listed corporations, accreditation bodies, government officials, and other halal market representatives.

The halal market represents an opportunity to achieve enormous business potentials due to the increasing demand for halal products and services worldwide.

‘Halal’ is a term often limited to food and beverages. Over the past decade, however, the variety of products and services in this booming economic sector has expanded. The halal industries touch every aspect of the Muslim lifestyle, from fashion and finance to media and travel. The numbers are impressive. Experts value the 2016 halal marketplace at over USD 2 trillion,
with no single sub-sector registering less than 5% growth.

An Indian company, Athena Ventures is the official representative of Sarajevo Halal Fair for India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. A 10 feet by 10 feet stall costs less than seventy-five thousand rupees for 3 days. Mr. Naveen Sharma, President, Indo Bosnia and Herzegovina Friendship Forum and Chairman, Athena Ventures gave all the facts about this fair.

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