Mission Smart Ride (MSR) extend offer to bring international experts from USA and Canada to prevent healthcare system crisis in India

The Gorakhpur tragedy has caused a massive turmoil NOT only across the nation but around the world. At least 78 children have died in a government hospital – Baba Raghav das Medical College in Gorakhpur in last one week itself due few incidents.

While reports say, the probable causes of deaths are the shortage of oxygen supply in the pediatric ward and encephalitis, however, it again arises so many questions to the Government about healthcare policy and standards.

No doubt this proves the failure of India’s public health system, which has allowed “encephalitis” to become an annual outbreak and public health crisis in the country. This tragedy has been triggered huge outcry worldwide now.

However, in this regard Mission Smart Ride(MSR) – a global foundation working to gather international experts and policymakers from USA and Canada to deter a healthcare system crisis and public health crisis in India.

  1. Nanda Sandilya,

    CEO and founder of Mission Smart Ride, is all set with a comprehensive plan to assess 36,000 government hospitals and implement a solution framework to fix this infrastructure, process and system issues.

Expressing his deep condolences to the Gorakhpur victims and their families, he said his concern is lack of coordinated and integrated health care services given the large amount of government hospitals and 13.6 lakh hospital beds across the nation and questioned the lack of response to the crises taking the lives of the 75 plus young children. Clearly this unfortunate incident is due to system or process or human error or combination of all. A thorough and independent investigation must be made to uncover all underlying issues to fix it so these types of incidents never happen again”

Data from health department shows 62 out of 1,000 children born in Gorakhpur die before turning one. Against this, 48 out of 1,000 dies in UP and 40 out of 1,000 in India. While India’s under-5 mortality rate is 50, against UP’s rate of 62, Gorakhpur’s fairs badly with 76.

Pediatricians said malnutrition and incomplete immunization make children vulnerable towards diseases like encephalitis and doctors at BRD Medical College, requesting anonymity, said 70% encephalitis-hit kids were malnourished and poorly managed.

Mr. Nanda, who has a public health initiative based in Telangana, Mission Smart Ride, started in 2015 to promote zero drunken driving accidents, asserts that his initiative MSR has plans to decrease drunk driving related deaths to zero when implemented.

Mr. Nanda recommends every hospital should have quality standards established, which are tracked daily and reviewed monthly.  “It is high time to India to implement a healthcare policy and to take necessary actions to lead change in the nation on this healthcare issues and implement a solution framework in place, many NRIs professionals and friends including us willing to help to implement this updated policy and all we need is government policy and approved budget to make it happen” Mr. Nanda advised who has more 10 years healthcare IT consulting experience.

Showing the utmost mutual concern over the poor healthcare system in India, Hari Eppanapally, Chairman of leadindia2020,said, “we are delighted invite Nanda Sandilya to be the Lead India 2020 foundation board member, since he has vast experience in healthcare IT consulting working with Fortune 500 executives and also with proven track record working closely with Indian states ministers and officials to launch mission smart ride his experience and executive network will be invaluable to launch this smart drive for government hospitals and his point check list to implement compliance framework. My recommended approach will include doing a health care QA for hospitals proof of concept initially for 3/5 hospitals in UP to implement, optimize and track results on daily and weekly basis before it’s made as National healthcare policy and standardized QA across all 36,000 plus hospitals,” Hari Eppanapally  has done Executive MBA study from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Sloan school of management in Cambridge, MA.

Dr. Anita Gupta

Referring the Gorakhpur crisis and plans of MSR & Lead India 2020 healthcare QA smart drive initiative, Dr. Anita Gupta, an internationally recognized physician anesthesiologist and leader in pain management medicine, said “Agreed that the quality and compliance measures are critical to avoid public health crises in India to continue and also encourage the implementation of standardized processes which ensure safer hospital practices. She expressed her condolences and prayers to all the mothers & families who have been impacted by the Gorakhpur crisis.

In addition, she stated that, India has made significant social and economic gains in the last three decades, but has failed to improve the healthcare policies and practices of its population on similar terms. Infant mortality, under-five mortality and maternal mortality rates of the country are still comparable with statistics coming out from other south Asian countries.

“Since the children are the future of any nation, we must put all or any resources and plan to fix underlying problems with a better healthcare system and policies”, Dr. Gupta added.

“We believe that this strategy of MSR has the best chance of producing quality healthcare measure in India”, says Vik Mehrotra, Founder and CEO of Venus Capital Management, Inc.

Vik further said “The Gorakhpur incident is an alarm to act quickly to prevent the healthcare menace in India. Venus has always delivered unique strategies and corporate social responsibility is of paramount importance here”.


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